Things You Should Know About Web Design Trends

Things You Should Know About Web Design Trends

Like any other industry of the world, web designing is also evolving with the time. Web design trends change just like the fashion trends and following the trends is also a trend of this era.

GIFs were used in the 90’s than we saw the epoch of flat design. The recent trend that is getting popular is responsive web design.

Do you know the importance of a responsive web design for your website? Different stats show that the number of mobile internet users has been increased than the desktop users.

So, if your website is not mobile friendly you will definitely lose potential business. Another important reason is the roll out of Mobile Friendly update of Google.

Hamburger Menu

As I said earlier, the users of mobile devices surpluses the desktop users, so it becomes necessary for the web designers to create compact designs that fits all screens. The hamburger menu makes it easy to hide the global navigation of your site under it.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is also trending, it is used in many web designs to make the site attractive. In this technique the content present on the foreground and background of the site scrolls with different speeds. With very good visual effect, there are some drawbacks. It is bad for SEO and reduces the performance of your site.

Long Scroll

Many users find it annoying to open multiple pages on a same website. To solve this issue, designers created long scroll. Scrolling on the mobile devices became easier. Especially, if you want to attract your customers through storytelling, use long scrolls.

Card Layouts

For multi-topic sites like magazines and news website, card layout is considered the best. Pinterest introduced the card layout concept and you can see this everywhere now. The best part is that these bite-sized chunks can easily be rearranged for different devices.



Whatever the purpose of your website is, if the web design is not attractive as well as entertaining, the bounce rate will increase. Animation makes the user experience more interactive. Using animations wisely can help you engage the visitor.

Become a Trend Setter

Following the latest trends of web design can help you a lot in making a beautiful and attractive website. But, remember that trends are not the end. If you can do anything innovative for making your site attractive and user friendly, go for it.

Who knows, it might make you a trend setter instead of a trend follower in the web design industry.

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