How Modern SEO Increasing the User Experience

It is an old saying that you have to make search engines happy if you want to remain on the top of search results. Do you still believe in it?

I don’t.

It is because search engines want you to make your visitors happy. The trend has been shifted from search engine optimization to user experience optimization.

Intelligent algorithms of search engines rank your website according to the user’s experience. Today, the SEO is based upon the techniques that make your website easy and interactive for the visitors.

In this article we will see how different elements of on-page SEO makes a website easily scan able for the visitors.

Use of Keywords

We all know the importance of keywords and we use them to get traffic from the search engines. Do you ever think why search engines give importance to the keywords? Search engines love the keywords because people use them to search the content they need. You don’t need to add hundreds of keywords just go for natural and search engines will find you.

Using H1, H2 tags

No one likes the wall of plain text. No matter how well a piece of content is written, if it is difficult for the users to scan it in seconds, they will leave it. Experts say that using the H1, H2 and other tags within your content makes it easy for the readers to know the soul of the content. It is also interesting that search engines prefer the content with tags in it.

Use of an Image

95 % of the information that reach to our brain is visual. It is human nature that he attracts toward visually beautiful things. If you add an image to your text that gives the hint about the topic of the content your visitor will instantly find it. By adding an image you are not only increasing the user experience, but also attracting the search engines.

Use of Alt text for Images

Images are the most popular form of content that easily delivers the complex messages. Most of the people are visual learner so if you present information in the form of an image or the video you will get more visitors. How the search engines will come to know about the topic of your image or video? Alt text is the answer. Always use your keyword as alt text and it will tell the search engines about the content of the image.

If you are agree with the facts stated above start writing for the humans and search engines will follow you.

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