List of Google algorithm updates from Panda to Mobile Friendly Update

At that time, link networks were much active and people use to buy the links to boost the Google ranking. After the launch of this update it becomes necessary for the websites to remove the bad links to regain their ranking in the search results with ethical ways. The Google disavow links tool is still best to remove the bad links.

Hummingbird Update

As we said earlier, search engine algorithms are more intelligent know, a hummingbird came with the ability to focus on the meaning behind the search terms. It was launched in September 2013 with a design that is “precise and fast”.

Rather than focusing on specific keywords of the search term, Hummingbird tries to understand the whole stance the whole query to understand what the purpose of this query is. After the launch of Hummingbird the search results come up with better page matches.

Mobile Friendly Update

Keeping in view the huge usage of mobile devices, it was released in April 2015 to introduce new mobile friendly ranking algorithm. This algorithm helped to boost the mobile friendly pages in the search results.

It is a very important update because the websites those were not mobile friendly, lost their ranking. The best way to know whether your website is mobile friendly or not you can use the Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

If you are trying to get a higher rank in the Google’s search engine results, you should keep these important updates in your mind.

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