4 Web Design Myths and Their Realities

With the increase in importance of web design by the time, people start believing some myths about it. The word myth itself explains that the reality is different than this believe.

In this article we will discuss some amazing myths about website design London and explore the reality of each myth.

Myth # 1: My site should be full of features

This is a common myth that a site with a lot of features can attract the visitor. If you are putting up different ideas on your single website, it will make your site complex. It becomes difficult to navigate a complex site.


A website with minimum features can deliver your idea effectively. Always start with the most important features that are necessary to run your site smoothly.

Myth # 2: My view is the user’s view

Most of the people, including some website designers think that they are looking at their website with the view of others. If the navigation of the site is easy for them, it will also work fine for the visitors.


It is because you were involved in the design and development process of your website, so it is easy for you to explore your website. Always keep the user in mind.

Myth # 3: Images and bright text should be everywhere

It is a commonly believed that you should put high quality images and bright text everywhere in your website design London to attract and retain the visitor. It looks cool, but the reality is totally different from this myth.


In actual the purpose of the images and bright text in the website design is to attract the visitor to a specific section or part of the website to achieve certain goal. If you are putting things everywhere the visitor will get lost in them.

Myth # 4: Web design is all about colors and typography

It is also a most common myth among people that web designing is all about selecting the color, font and size of the text on your website. People spend hours in selecting the color of the header of their website. In actuality it is just a tiny part of web design.


The real meaning of web design is to make a website functional and interactive. Poor user experience of your website increases the bounce rate and as a result, you lose a lot of potential customers.

I am sure that this article will help you a lot with your next web design project.

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